SolTerra Communications® is a web design, graphic design, and video production company located in the gorgeous foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. From our Adams County, Ohio, home-base, our primary service area is in southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky, however our clients come from a wide variety of locations. Wherever you call home, whether that is New York, Nashville, San Francisco, or Sydney, we'll treat you like our next-door neighbor. Our projects range from docudramas which entertain and educate, to websites that help pharmacists and patients reduce prescription drug addiction. SolTerra has worked with major networks to produce television programming, including National Geographic, Animal Planet, and CBS/Viacom. However, we also enjoy working for the "mom and pop" local business.


Our home planet is the only one we've got...until we colonize Mars...but even then, Earth is a pretty swell place to be... when we are not fighting with each other. We're in favor of "Beer Summits", vigorous diplomacy, giving our planet a healthy, oxygenated atmosphere for normal breathing, and respecting all of God's creations. Life is too miraculous to waste on negative energy, and so we try to focus on the positive. SolTerra Communications® is devoted to bringing about a better world, and so we often provide reduced-rate services to those organizations that are are committed to the above principles.

Since September 2004, SolTerra Communications has been powered by the wind and other sources of "green" energy. Through our local utility we voluntarily purchase "green" sources of energy to power the electrical demand at our main office.

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