SolTerra's award-winning productions help deliver messages with impact. We've worked with National Geographic, Animal Planet, CBS News, just to name a few, and we love working with small companies as well.

Video is powerful. It can attach emotion to a message to a greater degree than any other medium. Memories tied to a strong emotion are more likely to be recalled, which can translate into an unforgettable experience for your audience.

Hope Takes Wing

Whooping Cranes once numbered only 15 individual birds. Today, with the help of ultralight aircraft, the species is returning to a portion of North America where the birds have not lived in over 100 years. Imprinted cranes are conditioned to follow aircraft and are then guided over 1,200 miles from central Wisconsin to the gulf coast of Florida. Join Operation Migration pilots in the air for a bird's-eye-view of this historic migration.

Play Time : clip 1min 39s (full feature ~56 min.)

Purchase this video: Order a copy of the video Hope Takes Wing by calling Operation Migration at 1-800-675-2618
Bringing Back the Cranes

The Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP), comprised of Operation Migration, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and many others, needed an educational video they could show to school groups, supporters, and donors. The video needed to pack as much information as possible into a short amount of time and capture the viewer's imagination. The end result was "Bringing Back the Cranes", which is really 8 videos, each with a different ending message, tailored to each specific partner in WCEP.

Aired: Nature centers across the U.S., hundreds of school classrooms, National Wildlife Refuges across the U.S.

Finalist at international Wildlife Film Festival, 2006.

Playtime: ~18 min.

Obedience Training Public Service Announcement

Developed for the Toledo Area Humane Society, this PSA shows the connection between obedience training and owner retention of dogs. All too often dog owners surrender their animals to shelters because they have not taken the time to teach their dog good manners. This PSA asks dog owners to commit to their animals and provide adequate training to make them companions for life!

Winner of the prestigious ADDY® Award for excellence in advertising!

Filming/ Supportive Services

SolTerra Communications provides supportive services to other production companies and television networks. We can provide  video crews, subcontracting, and directing. Below are some of past clients we've provided support too:
Stock Footage
SolTerra Communications sells stock footage for use in other productions. Prices vary on content type, and length of footage needed. Most of our library is related to nature, and the natural world. Please call SolTerra for more information.

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